Huawei ME909s-821 LGA Module CAT4 LTE 4G

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Huawei ME909s-821 LGA Module is Cat4 LTE industrial-grade M2M wireless modules that follow the Huawei LGA package standard and are compatible with the MU709s series pin-to-pin. At the same time with the standard Mini PCIe form, the customer choice is more flexible.
Huawei ME909s-821 LGA Module Introduction

ME909s series support downlink 150Mbps, uplink 50Mbps transmission rate; provide high-quality voice and SMS functions; rich extension functions, including FOTA, USSD, IPV6/IPV4; built-in TCP/IP protocol stack; Huawei extended AT command set…

ME909s series is the first choice for automotive, tracking, industrial routers, security monitoring, industrial flat panel, and other industrial applications.

The ME909s are divided into two sub-models, which are differentiated according to the frequency band requirements of different delivery areas:

ME909s-120, supports Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and other overseas markets.

ME909s-821, supporting the Chinese market

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